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Wyoming Business Dissolution

In Wyoming, dissolution refers to the act of dissolving a business entity like an LLC or corporation. Dissolving the business is a way of closing a business and ending the life of the business entity, ensuring the owner(s) will not accrue any fees or fines for not maintaining their business entity.

Dissolving a Wyoming business is a straight-forward process. File dissolution documents with the state, pay the filing fee, and complete the wind up process. If you’ve hired us as your Wyoming registered agent, you’ll find all of your dissolution forms in your client account. If you haven’t hired us, then you can find all of the pertinent forms on Wyoming’s Secretary of State website.

The formal process of closing a business entity in Wyoming is called a dissolution. Dissolving a Wyoming business entity, whether it be a corporation, LLC, partnership, or statutory trust all follows the same general path: you must file dissolution documents with the Wyoming Secretary of State.

To learn more about the dissolution process for different business types, choose your entity type in the table below

How to Dissolve a Business in Wyoming

Entity Type Dissolution Document Name Filing Fee
LLC Limited Liability Company Articles of Dissolution $60
Corporation Articles of Dissolution by Incorporators or Initial Directors

Articles of Dissolution by Shareholders

Partnerships Limited Partnership Certificate of Cancellation (LPs and LLLPs)

Withdrawal of Registration (LLPs)

Statutory Trust Statutory Trust Certificate of Cancellation $60

Where to Find Articles of Dissolution: 

If you have hired us for Wyoming registered agent service, you can find all dissolution forms in your client account. If not, you can download all forms off the Wyoming Secretary of State website.

Wyoming Business Dissolution Overview

Dissolution is a straightforward process. You can file dissolution documents (commonly known as Articles of Dissolution) with the Wyoming Secretary of State in just a few days. The actual dissolution form will take you no more than a few minutes to complete. Simply list the business name and confirm that you have observed the proper dissolution protocol (a vote by the members, shareholders, partners, or trustees). Once, the dissolution paperwork has been filed, you may continue to use the business entity to transfer property, distribute assets, and settle disputes, debts, and obligations. Once those final acts are complete, the business entity will be no more.

What to Do if Your Business Has Been Administratively Dissolved by the Wyoming Secretary of State

If you either forgot or did not file your annual report within 60 days of the due date, the Wyoming Secretary of State will dissolve your company. If the secretary of state has proceeded with administrative dissolution, you may be able to file Articles of Reinstatement (found on the SOS website, or if you’ve hired us a your registered agent, it’s in your client account). You will be responsible for paying all fines and annual reports accrued. Once fines are paid and the reinstatement articles filed, your business entity can resume doing business in Wyoming.