Wyoming Virtual Office

By definition, a Wyoming virtual office is simply a virtual office in Wyoming. But once you start digging deeper, the real question becomes this: what does each service mean when they say they offer virtual office service? Some businesses claim to offer Wyoming virtual office service, but what they mean by that is they’ll give you an address, a phone number, and forward some of your mail. These services comprise the very minimum of what it takes to have a virtual office in Wyoming. Some businesses will sign up for the service and then expect those limited ties to the state of Wyoming to be enough to have their business taxed as a Wyoming business. Now, we’re not tax professionals, but to us, that seems pretty thin.

Virtual OfficeWhat makes our Wyoming virtual office service the best is our foresight. One thing that helps to establish your company as a Wyoming business, especially if you’re not actually situated in state, is a real lease that helps build a paper trail. So that’s what we provide. You can set the length of time, whether it be month to month or year to year, but the point is to establish physical ties to the state of Wyoming, and that’s what we’re trying to help you do. And in addition to the lease, we include monthly use of our shared office space for your company meetings. We try to offer you the best of all worlds at the very best price.

$50 Wyoming Virtual Office Service

Getting a reliable Wyoming virtual office service can be tricky; sometimes you just don’t know what kind of Wyoming virtual office you’ll be getting. In our small town, if you don’t provide a good service at a fair price, your business won’t last. We’ve taken those views and ideals and applied them to our Wyoming virtual office service, even though most of our clients live far outside our city limits.

The Best Wyoming Virtual Office Overview:

For $50 a month, our Wyoming virtual office service includes:

  • Wyoming Phone Service
    Safeguarding your personal phone number is just as important as protecting your address. When you sign up for our virtual office package, you’ll get your own Wyoming virtual phone line (with a 307 area code) that you can use to call, text, check your messages and more—from any device! Our Wyoming Phone Service is entirely internet powered, which means it travels with you and is free to use, helping you keep your personal information secure without a steep phone bill every month.
  • A unique address for your Wyoming business at a commercial building
    (No P.O. boxes, no home address)

    Your Wyoming virtual office business address will be a respectable one. We’re right downtown in Sheridan, WY, across the street from the bank and the post office, situated in a nice brick building. That’s where your office address will be located. We take pride in our downtown address and in ensuring all of our clients
  • An Office Lease
    Our Wyoming virtual office lease can be month-to-month or yearly—we’re not trying to lock you in, we’re trying to help create a paper trail for Wyoming nexus, as most of our virtual office clients would like to be taxed as a Wyoming business).
  • Monthly Use of Our Shared Office Space
    Need to hold your annual shareholder’s meeting or meet face to face with a client? Just call us to schedule a time to use our shared office space as your own for up to 5 hours a month (if you need more time, we sell additional 10-hour blocks of office use for $100).
  • Wyoming mail forwarding
    A virtual office in Wyoming wouldn’t be complete without Wyoming mail forwarding, and you can be sure you’ll be getting the best and most reliable mail service when you hire us. When we bought our office, mail forwarding logistics played an important role in our decision making process, and we figured it doesn’t get much better than being right across the street from the post office. The virtual office mail forwarding package includes:

    • Up to 15 pieces of mail a month
    • Daily open and scan, or scan of envelope and forward originals weekly
    • Additional mail, beyond your monthly quota, will be forwarded upon request for $15 per item

Complete Wyoming Virtual Office Service

If you’re starting a new business and want to reap the benefits Wyoming has to offer, you’ve come to the right spot. We can help service your business from its beginning and to its end. We can help you form a Wyoming LLC or incorporate in Wyoming, and our Wyoming registered agent service is unmatched. However we can help your business succeed, please let us know. Best Wyoming Registered Agent LLC is here to meet all of your Wyoming business’ needs.