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Our Story

Near the office entrance of Best Wyoming Registered Agent LLC, a yellowed newspaper clipping from October 1921 hangs in a picture frame on the wall. The story focuses on the business that once occupied our office, and the first line reads, “If there is anything you require in the book or stationery line, go to Mills.

Best Wyoming registered Agent- Our Story

Unlike a news story you’d find in today’s paper, the story of The Mills Company reads like an advertisement. (“You will have no need to look further, for a more complete stock is not carried in the stationery stores of the large cities…”) Why then, you might ask, was the story printed in the newspaper? Simple. The Mills Company was a source of pride for our small town Sheridan, Wyoming.

Like our business, and perhaps like your business, The Mills Company wasn’t famous, but they filled a unique niche and provided services and products unmatched by their competitors.

They were, in a word, the best.

Most people who enter our office to deliver mail or packages walk past the story of The Mills Company hanging in the picture frame on the wall, or if they stop and read, they don’t read long. Who could blame them? The story isn’t meant for them, it’s for us. The people who work here. Our clients. The first-time business owners. The dreamers. The people who will someday operate the businesses that make up our community, our state, our nation. That’s who we serve and provide for with the quiet hope that if someday someone should write about us that they would think to begin the story with a simple line like: “If there is anything you require in the Wyoming registered agent or business formation services, go to Best.”

Wyoming LLC Start Up

Dedication To Service and Integrity

In America, registered agents became a statutory requirement in the early 20th century soon after individuals were first allowed to form corporations (prior to then, only an act of congress could create a legal business entity). As an extension of due process, the requirement was based on a need to be able to reliably contact a business should it be involved in any legal proceeding. Although the registered agent industry has changed drastically over the years, what remains unchanged is our belief that a registered agent must be trustworthy, reliable, and fast to meet the ever changing needs of the Wyoming business community.

Best Wyoming Registered Agent LLC does not operate in an attempt to squeeze every penny out of our bottom line. This means we’re only interested in serving one thing: our clients. Most importantly, as a registered agent service provider, we manage our business to protect the long-term security of our company, rather than the immediate returns prized by big corporations. While larger companies press to return larger and larger profits for no reason other than conquest, we retain our earnings to be the kind of registered agent you can count on to hire today and be here tomorrow. This idea of longevity serves as the main underlying principle of our registered agent service: we want to serve generations of clients, to be here not only for your business but for the businesses of your grandsons and granddaughters.

Dependable Registered Agent

At Best Wyoming Registered Agent, we view ourselves as the facilitators of prosperity throughout Wyoming, as we help to make strong ideas into strong businesses, and we are striving to manage and improve our efficiency and reliability to ensure that future generations of Wyoming businesses will also prosper.

Two words comprise our vision for the future: service and integrity. 

What makes us different from other registered agents in Wyoming is our dedication to service. It’s not easy to be the best. There are many shortcuts we could’ve taken in planning our company. But we believe it is more efficient for a registered agent service to focus on the needs of its current and future clients rather than be concerned with collecting as many signups as possible for a short-term return. By maintaining our focus on service and price, we focus on our business’ integrity at the same time. Our clients receive service they can count on. We know what every Wyoming business has at stake. It’s someone’s livelihood, their children’s well being, the future. For those reasons, we will always be accountable and make sure you always know exactly where your business stands.

Best Wyoming Registered Agent

We compete daily with all forms of business formation and registered agent services. For that reason, we give no special treatment to any particular client—we make sure every client receives the best.

By choice, we are a Wyoming registered agent, and just like you, we try to make the best decisions for the best of reasons.

If we sound like the right registered agent for you, we would appreciate your business.