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Wyoming Business Address

What is a Wyoming Business Address?

To do business in Wyoming, you need a Wyoming business address. Your Wyoming business address doesn’t mean that you have to do business at that address, just that it is the official address of your business in the eyes of the state. That address can be your own private home or office address. Or, when you hire us to form your LLC or corporation, and/or act as your registered agent, we let you use our address instead of yours.

One of the best perks of our registered agent service, besides the price of just $50/yr, is the option to list our address as your business address on state documents. Using our address instead of yours adds an extra layer of privacy to your business. We’ll also handle all official mail that comes to your business, and give you 3 complimentary scans of regular mail per year that will be uploaded directly to your online account. You’ll have immediate access from your computer or smart phone to all of your important state and legal mail, plus limited mail forwarding.

We know running a business takes a lot of time and dedication, and some registered agent companies offer a lot of extras you don’t need at a high price. At Best Wyoming, we believe in offering you what you need for a fair price, which is why we not only let you use our address for free, and throw in 3 free yearly mail scans, but we give you the option of choosing more robust business address and mail services so you can pay only for what you need, and not what you don’t.


How You Can Use Our Wyoming Business Address

Our registered agent service is $50 a year, every year. No introductory rates and no price hikes. With that service, you have the option to use our business address for no additional cost, we’ll handle all your secretary of state and legal notices, as well as scan and upload up to 3 additional pieces of mail annually.

Maybe you need a unique business address? Or a 3 document limit isn’t going to quite cover all your business mail needs? Whether you anticipate a little or a lot of a business mail, we have a package that will match your business address needs. Pay for as much as you need without paying for any excess you don’t.

The Pony Express Package: $49 a Year

No bells or whistles, this is our basic Wyoming mail forwarding plan. When you sign up, you’ll receive:

  • Up to 10 additional pieces of mail a year (if you already have Registered Agent Service, you’d get 13 pieces of regular mail a year)
  • A unique Wyoming address at a respectable, commercial address – no PO Boxes or home addresses
  • Additional mail beyond your quota? Available for just $15 per item.

Wyoming Homesteader’s Package: $99 a Year

If you’re in the market for a top-shelf mail forwarding service at an affordable price, then our Wyoming Homesteader’s package is the place to start. With the Homesteader’s package, you’ll receive:

  • Up to 25 pieces of mail per year (if you already have Registered Agent Service, you’d get 28 pieces of regular mail a year)
  • We open and scan and upload your mail daily to your secure online account
  • Any additional mail beyond your quota is $15 per item
  • Unique, commercial Wyoming address for your business

Wyoming Virtual Office: $19 a Month

Take a moment and just think about how much cash you need in order to afford an office space. We’re talking rent, desks, phone lines, internet, utilities, and more. Sure a commercial office may make your business look official, but at what cost? When you sign up for this plan, you’ll get the look of a pro without the big price tag. Our Wyoming Virtual Office package includes:

  • Unlimited mail forwarding
  • Daily mail scans and uploads to your secure online account
  • Wyoming Phone Service
  • Unique, commercial Wyoming address for your business that comes with a lease

If you’re looking for a service to really make your business shine, look no further. You’ll receive a unique suite address that you can use on all your company business cards and paraphernalia, as well as Wyoming Phone Service—this is a dedicated virtual phone line with a 307 area code and all the functionality of a real phone (calling, texting, voicemail and more). We’ll even open and scan all your mail, and upload everything to our secure online portal where you’ll have 24/7 access from anywhere in the world.

Compare all our address and mail offerings side-by-side below:

Free Mail ForwardingPony Express Mail ForwardingHomesteader’s Mail ForwardingBest Wyoming Virtual Office
Secure Online AccountXXXX
Scanned Documents3/year+10/year+25/yearunlimited
Commercial Suite Number
Month-to-Month Office Lease

Business Phone Service


*with registered agent service


Advantages of Our Wyoming Business Address

  • Professional Address
    A virtual business address is perfect for businesses that want the professional look of a corporate office, without all the costly infrastructure and headaches. Work from home, the coffee shop, library, or anywhere in the world, and your unique suite address stays put and establishes your business as serious, secure, and professional.
  • Privacy
    In today’s digital world, anonymity is hard to come by. Wyoming is the best state with regards to offering LLC owners privacy. No matter what kind of business you run, you don’t want your personal information and address available at the click of a button. Whether it’s just junk mail, or some nefarious scammer, our service keeps your business your business by keeping your information safe and secure with us.
  • Going Digital
    The modern business world is almost totally accessible with just an internet connection. Our virtual office service allows you to work from anywhere. Your Wyoming virtual business line will travel with you (anywhere you have internet), and our mail service means you’ll never need to touch a piece of physical mail, so you’ll never be more than a click away from important business.

You’re Just a Click Away From the Best!

Starting a business in Wyoming? We’re the experts when it comes to helping your business succeed. Best Wyoming Registered Agents can help you form a Wyoming LLC or corporation, plus we offer the best registered agent service this side of the Grand Tetons!