Wyoming Registered Agent

A Wyoming registered agent is a resident or company that maintains a physical office in the state boundary lines of Wyoming. Your registered agent must be available M-F during business hours where you or someone trying to notify you could walk into the registered office and hand deliver a document or legal notification. Agents are required to accept legal documents on behalf of clients. When someone delivers a document to your Wyoming registered agent, it’s legal proof that you have been notified about this document. Even if your registered agent fails to get this document to you, you have been legally notified. It’s important to have a Wyoming registered agent that is reliable, has the proper staffing, the longevity and stability to properly handle these notices for you.

Get Wyoming Registered Agent Service, Business Address & Mail Forwarding for $50 a year!  

Wyoming state statutes (W.S. 17-28-101) define a Wyoming registered agent as an individual or business entity located in Wyoming that is appointed by a company to accept service of process and official legal documents on the company’s behalf.

At Best Wyoming, we go the extra mile for our clients. When you hire us to act as your registered agent or to form your business, you can use our address for your formation documents and state compliance reports instead of your own private address. This means you can fly under the radar and keep your private info away from prying eyes and nefarious scammers. Need some mail forwarded? Our basic registered agent service or business formation packages also offer complimentary mail forwarding, up to 10 documents a year, totally free. If your business needs more mail coverage, we also offer our clients comprehensive mail forwarding options, which is just another reason why Best Wyoming really is the best in Wyoming.

Wyoming Registered Agent Duties

Essentially, a Wyoming registered agent is a business’s point of contact. Should your business be sued, the registered agent is responsible for accepting notice of the lawsuit and forwarding it to the person in charge of your business. A registered agent ensures that a business can be reliably contacted about important matters. That way, business owners can’t hide from important notices, and no one can sue a business without the business knowing about it.

What Makes Us the Best Wyoming Registered Agent?

The quick pitch is this: We offer premium registered agent service at a discount price. The discount price allows us to do business in high volume. We handle many corporate filings for our clients every day, so we have the luxury of balancing out our operating costs over many clients. Thus you get a premium service at an affordable price point.

We charge $50 a year for the kind of registered agent service other companies charge hundreds for. How do we get our costs so low? We specialize in all things Wyoming business. Others charge extra to maintain offices and business support throughout the nation.

We’re a Wyoming business and this specialization allows us to focus only on Wyoming. Our brand of focus has given our customer service specialists superior knowledge of Wyoming business entities and has provided us the foresight to purchase and update our own building.  All of this has translated into customer security.

Our custom-built server rooms provide our clients with secure online accounts. Office ownership ensures we will be in the same location for years. And our hand-picked location across the street from the regional post office offers clients unparalleled service, which includes client custom solutions, real-time document delivery, and access to every service a Wyoming business could want.

Service Overview

At Best Wyoming Registered Agent, we do business the old-fashioned way. We are located in Sheridan, WY, a small town where you do one bad deed and the whole town will know, and your phone might just stop ringing. We’ve taken that same approach to the Internet. We know what you do matters, and our mindset will never change no matter what state or part of the world you’re coming from. We’re committed to providing our clients trustworthy, all-inclusive registered agent and Wyoming business formation services. And we don’t take our name lightly—we strive to be the best registered agent in Wyoming.

A Wyoming registered agent is a crucial part of any business operating in our state. As a Wyoming registered agent, we act as a business’s point of contact with the world. Should your business be involved in a lawsuit or receive an important notice, you’ll know about it within minutes. When we receive a document on behalf of your business, we’ll scan it and upload it to your online account immediately.

When you hire Best Wyoming Registered Agent, you’ll get all of the following:

  1. The Best Customer Service
    What sets us apart from the other Wyoming agents? If you call us, you won’t talk to an electronic operator, you won’t be placed in a queue, and you certainly won’t be counted as a number. We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of professional service in Wyoming, at reasonable price. For $50 a year we are committed to providing the best registered agent service possible. When you hire Best Wyoming Registered Agent, you’ll get:

    • An online account protected by high-end security where you can view all documents and mail we accept on your company’s behalf
    • Digital scans within minutes of receiving a document for your Wyoming company
    • Use of our address on all state forms to keep your personal information private
    • Complimentary mail forwarding with up to 10 documents a year at no extra charge
    • Annual report reminders
    • Everything you need to open a bank account
    • Access to every Wyoming form your company might need to file in your online account
    • Same-day filing services
    • A Wyoming registered agent who will help walk you through the intricate process of starting a business in Wyoming
  2. Fast, Effective Document Delivery
    Whenever we receive any document or mail on behalf of your company, within minutes you will be sent an email alert and your documents will be scanned into your online account. Our staff works in our building in downtown Sheridan, WY and is ever ready to alert you to any notice we receive on your business’s behalf.
  3. Privacy
    For many of our clients, personal privacy is a top concern and the primary reason for selecting our services. When forming a client’s LLC, corporation, partnership, or trust, we allow clients to use our address on public documents to keep their address and name, whenever possible, completely private. We are well-versed in Wyoming state laws and will do everything we can to help you maintain your personal privacy when starting a business in Wyoming.
  4. Secure, Online Accounts
    When you select our service, you will immediately be given online access to your business’s online account. In your account, you will be able view the status of your business, read any documents we’ve uploaded to your account, access state forms, and find professional filing tips on how to file any document with the state.
  5. Fair Price
    Our business plan is real simple: We offer a great service at a price low enough to do high volume, and pass that savings onto you. We charge $50 a year for Wyoming registered agent service. Can you find cheaper registered agents in Wyoming? Yup. But can you find another local Wyoming registered agent at our price, dedicated to security, privacy, and customer service? We don’t think so!

Wyoming Registered Agent Requirements

By the letter of the law (W.S. 17-28-107), Wyoming registered agents must do the following:

  • Accept service of process (SOP) and official notices from the state on behalf of the businesses they have been hired to and consented to represent.
  • Notify the company’s assigned contact (usually a member, manager, officer, or director) when they accept any service of process or mail on behalf of the company, and then forward that notice, either digitally or physically through the mail.
  • Keep normal business hours at a physical location (registered office) in Wyoming where they can accept SOPs and legal notices.
  • Maintain and keep at their registered office: the names and addresses of each company’s directors, officers, managers or similar persons; the name and address of a company contact authorized to talk with registered agent; copies of written agreements that create the relationship between a real, live person and the registered agent. That’s a lot of potentially sensitive information being held by your Wyoming registered agent! Our company was created on the belief that the #1 thing we should be is reliable. We do all we can to keep your personal information private. And if we receive a document for your company, you can bet you’ll know about it in minutes.

How to Change Registered Agents in Wyoming

Switching registered agents in Wyoming is a quick and easy process. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Hire a New Registered Agent
    Choose your new registered agent first, as the form you will file with the Wyoming Secretary of State will require your new agent’s info on the change of agent form. If you switch to us, this is your final step, as we’ll file all the necessary forms for you free of charge.
  2. Have the New Registered Agent Complete to the Consent to Appointment form
    Wyoming registered agents must complete a consent to appointment form. The consent form must be submitted with the change form.
  3. Submit the Statement of Change by Business Entity form
    You can download the Statement of Change form from the Wyoming Secretary of State’s website. Simply list your business name, old registered agent info, new registered agent info, and whether you want the new registered agent’s address to serve as your business’ addresses. The change of agent is typically processed in 5 to 15 business days.
  4. Cancel Service with Old Registered Agent
    Be sure to cancel service with the previous registered agent, as you don’t want to pay two bills. Also, some registered agents may require proof of the change of agent prior to canceling service.

Why Businesses Are Required to Appoint a Registered Agent

All Wyoming businesses registered with the secretary of state (corporations, LLCs, etc.) are required by law to have a registered agent in Wyoming. But why? Basically, once you form a business entity like a Wyoming LLC or corporation, you’ve created a thing separate from yourself that has many of the same rights an individual has, but with none of the abilities to communicate like a person does. A Wyoming registered agent receives official communications and legal documents like service of process (notice of a lawsuit) on behalf of a business. Having a registered agent ensures that the business is able to be contacted and receive communication when the need arises.

What Makes Us the Best?

Would you really want just anyone holding onto your personal details? We wouldn’t. That’s why we’ve spent a lot of time and money to make sure your online accounts will be secure and reliable, and we will never give out any clients’ information to a salesman or third-party unless forced to so by law.

In addition to our solemn guarantee that we will always meet our statutory duty as your registered agent and that your company’s information is safe with us, Best Wyoming Registered Agent also offers the following to every registered agent client:

  • Wyoming mail forwarding (up to 10 documents free)
  • Address privacy with use of our address on all formation documents
  • Wyoming LLC formation and incorporation services, if required
  • Digital scans of documents uploaded to your online account minutes after we receive anything on behalf of your company
  • Easy access to every state form you’ll ever need to file for your company
  • Annual report reminders
  • A registered agent that earnestly believes every single client matters