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Wyoming Sales Tax License

A Wyoming Sales and Use Tax License is a type of business license required by the state of Wyoming. The Wyoming sales tax license provides businesses with the authorization to collect sales taxes from customers and send the collected sales tax to the state on what is typically a quarterly basis.

If your Wyoming corporation or LLC offers services, products, or any type of tangible property for sale, the business must register with the Wyoming Department of Revenue. To register with the Department of Revenue, the Wyoming business must complete a Sales and Use Tax License Application. Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about getting a sales tax license in Wyoming.

Wyoming Sales and Use Tax License Application

Application Filing Fee $60
Information Required on Application Ownership Name, Sales Volume Estimate, Type of Business Entity, Contact Information, and Product Information

Steps to Apply for a Wyoming Sales Tax License

The Wyoming Sales and Use Tax License Application is only a single page and requires basic business information. Find the Wyoming Sales Tax License instructions below:

  1. List Business Information
    Begin the application by listing the business’ basic information including: ownership name, federal tax ID number, date of first sale, estimated monthly sales volume, and business entity type.
  2. List Contact Information
    Include: mailing address, location address, email address, telephone number, and authorized contact name.
  3. Business Specifics
    List the following information in the final section: type of products or services sold answer and then answer 10 yes or no questions about the specifics of your business products or services.
  4. Sign the Application
    A business owner must sign, date and list their Social Security Number. All partners must sign for general partnerships, and for corporations, LLCs, and LPs, at least one partner, member, or officer must sign.
  5. Mail the Application
    Wyoming Sales and Use Tax Applications must be sent to the Wyoming Department of Revenue through the mail. Include a $60 application fee (checks or money orders only).

You can mail the application to the following address:

Wyoming Department of Revenue
Excise Tax Division
122 W. 25th Street, Herschler Bldg.
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82002-0110