What is a Wyoming Partnership?

A Wyoming partnership is a partnership formed in and governed by the statutes provided by our state legislature. Our state legislature has, for years, been committed to providing entrepreneurs with strong business entities designed to maximize protection and security. Below, you’ll find access to detailed explanations of each Wyoming partnership type.

Why Form a Wyoming Partnership

Low Business Taxes, Strong Asset Protection, Wyoming Partnerships Provide Entrepreneurs with Some of the Strongest Business Advantages in the Nation!

Partnerships are one of Wyoming’s oldest business structures. Before the time of limited liability partnerships, if you wanted to go into business with someone, you made an agreement and opened shop. Of course, today you’ll have to make a choice between Wyoming’s many partnership structures. Find the right Wyoming partnership for your enterprise below:

Different Wyoming Partnership Types

Partnership Type

Formation Document

Asset Protection


General Partnership None None General partners are responsible and liable for all aspects of the business. No liability protections are afforded to the partners. Each partner has equal ownership.
Limited Partnership (LP) Certificate of Limited Partnership Yes, but limited to the investing partners. General partners have no liability protections. Wyoming Limited Partnerships (LPs) are interesting concepts, as they consist of two different partnership types. Limited partners, who invest money into the partnership, and general partners, who operate and manage the business. LPs are often used to raise capital as the responsibilities of the limited partners is solely to capitalize the partnership.
Limited Liability Limited Partnership (LLLP) Certificate of Limited Partnership Yes, all partners have some form of asset protection. Wyoming Limited Liability Limited Partnerships are a new type of partnership. Not all states allow the formation of LLLPs and not all states recognize these entities. Similar in structure to an LP, the limited partners capitalize the business and the generals partners manage and operate the business, however, LLLPs do offer some liability protections to the general partners as well.
Registered Limited Liability Partnership (RLLP or LLP) LLP Statement of Registration All partners are protected by the entity. In a Wyoming Registered Limited Liability Partnership (RLLP or LLP), all partners are equally protected under our state’s partnership statutes. Each partner is allowed to enter the partnership into legally binding contracts and has equal ownership of the entity as all other partners.


Wyoming Partnership Fees

Wyoming Partnership (LP, LLLP, or LLP) Secretary of State filing fee $100
Best Wyoming Registered Agent Partnership formation fee $50
One Year of Best Wyoming Registered Agent service $50
Total Wyoming Partnership Cost:

For $200, we’ll form your Wyoming Partnership and give you a year of Wyoming registered agent service.

Wyoming Partnership Formation Simplified

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    We provide clients with secure, online accounts; document tracking; e-document delivery; annual report reminders; access to pre-populated state forms; and the best Wyoming registered agent service. All documents we receive for your company will be uploaded to your account within minutes of receipt.
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  • Privacy
    If personal privacy is a concern, ask our customer service representative about our options for partnership privacy. We are not licensed to give legal advice, but we can address any concerns you have about keeping personal names off public documents in Wyoming.
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    We let you use our Wyoming address on all of your business’ public articles to keep your personal info off public records.
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