What is a Wyoming Certificate of Good Standing?

A Wyoming certificate of good standing is a document from the Wyoming Secretary of State that verifies the existence and active status of a business in Wyoming. Certificates of good standing, also known as a certificate of existence or certificate of status, can be obtained online on the Wyoming Secretary of State’s website for free. You can download the certificate of good standing instantly off the secretary of state’s website.

You could also order the certificate of good standing through a paper filing, however, the paper filing costs $10 and will take at least a week to get back through the mail. It’s just a lot easier, quicker, and cheaper to order a Wyoming certificate of good standing online.

Why Do I Need a Certificate of Good Standing?

Certificates of existence, status, or good standing are used as a simple way to verify that your company actually exists. If you register your company to do business in a different state, want to secure a loan or open an account with some banks, or do anything that requires you to prove your company exists, you may be required to provide a certificate of good standing. It’s just part of a verification process.

How to Get a Wyoming Certificate of Good Standing

Where to go Required Information Cost
Wyoming Secretary of State website Filing ID Number (you can find this by doing a Wyoming business name search) Free